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Accessible High-Quality PCR Testing
Monitor COVID-19 occurrences at your school or workplace to prevent outbreaks with frequent, low-cost surveillance pool testing.

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The SalivaClear™ Solution

Mirimus has innovated high quality COVID-19 RT-PCR surveillance testing with SalivaClear™, a saliva-based self-collection approach to monitor and detect infection in groups of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals that we call pools.

Monitor Population

Test your population in sample pools of 2 - 24 individuals at a regular frequency.

Detect Hotspots

Identify infection hotspots and retest the same samples in smaller pools to isolate infection.

Take Action

Results reported in 24 hours or less for quick decision making to contain potential outbreaks.

The SalivaClear™ Advantage

  • High quality saliva-based RT-PCR testing
  • High throughput, low cost, and rapid turnaround time for results
  • Sample self-collection that is simple, safe, and noninvasive that requires no doctor or nurse
  • All sample collection supplies and logistics provided for safe on-site sample collection events
  • Quickly increase detection resolution by retesting smaller pools
  • Scalable to frequently test large school and workplace populations
  • Mirimus is a CLIA certified lab and results are reported through a secure, HIPAA compliant reporting platform

Reopen and Stay Open Safely with SalivaClear

Contact Mirimus today to start your COVID-19 testing plan and safeguard your school or workplace from outbreaks.

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